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March 2019



According to the OECD, among the most long-lived countries in Europe, Italy is in second place with 83.1 years of life expectancy at birth. Only Spain precedes it with 83.4 years. This figure increases in value considering that investments in public health are significantly lower than in the most developed countries in the world. Social policies do not contribute either.

But then what is the longevity of Italians due to? The answer is very simple: healthy food and Mediterranean lifestyle.

The most influential factor regarding the average life span in Italy is the possibility, for a rather large portion of the population, of finding fresh and high quality food. The Mediterranean diet is in fact universally recognized as an ideal food model and is also an intangible heritage of UNESCO.

So what does the Mediterranean diet consist of? To explain it in a simple but absolutely exhaustive way, let us analyze the Italian food pyramid of Professor Umberto Veronesi, an oncology luminary who died in 2016: at the base there are cereals, pasta and potatoes, complex carbohydrates with low fat, olive oil, fruit , vegetables and dairy products to be consumed daily. Subsequently we find eggs, white meats and fish that can be inserted about 3 times a week. With much more moderation, say 4-5 times a month, here are the red meats and desserts. It is essential to combine diet with exercise and the choice of seasonal products.

In addition to these scientifically recognized value factors, another key role is played by the Italian lifestyle: sitting at the table calmly making the meal a moment of social encounter, having a culture and a gastronomic sensibility that allows to know the raw material, its origin and its effects, even more in general, enjoying life in its simplest traits, helps Italians live more serenely by reducing stress. This is the synthesis of the concept of slow food.

Italy is a tourist destination by definition, that is why there are so many ways to visit it in a slightly superficial way. At Caesar Luxury Travel we offer the idea of high quality tourism, tailor-made in every aspect, coming out of the big flows to focus on the most real and niche aspects of Italian culture. A holiday in Italy in the name of the Mediterranean diet, discovering culinary excellences and visiting the splendid places where they are born does not seem a good idea?

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