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In this section we will introduce you to the best events for high profile made in Italy, remaining available for you for any question and helping you to organize your personal luxury experience.

A trip is not a product, something you buy and you use up. A trip is an all round experience that embraces and involves all five senses: this is the reason why there are many kinds of travelling. You have the hit and run mass tourism and the one that tries to make you live like the locals (and that is what we like!). However, there is also of another kind: luxury tourism. When you just look for the best, top places. Italy is known all over the world for its excellence products. Who forgets food, wine, art, great brands like Prada, Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and the exclusive Vespa, Ferrari, Maserati. In this huge range of opportunities, Tuscany is a paradise where you can live and enjoy luxury experiences of all kind. Helicopter or hot air balloon tours flying above the soft hills, a tasting of Chianti or Brunello in the best wineries of the areas, a Ferrari or Vespa tour, a golf match or a day in the best shopping places…

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