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In this section we will try to tell you a story about culture, art, music, tradition and why not, Italian food and lifestyle, keeping you up to date about the best events.

The Colosseum in Rome, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, gondolas in Venice. These are maybe the most famous postcards of Italy in the world, they are something that anybody can rely to our country. In Italy we have 53 UNESCO sites and we are at the top of this list. An incredible artistic and architectonic richness, but not only this: also culturally and naturally we have an immeasurable variety. Tuscany has 7 UNESCO sites and 4 of them are located in the territory of Siena: our historical centre, San Gimignano, Pienza and Val d’Orcia landscape. There is no detail not worthy to be watched, photographed and remembered. However, the real richness of Italy goes beyond the “big names” universally known: there are thousands villages, castles, great landscapes not to miss. Thinking of our region: Radda and Castellina in Chianti, Monteriggioni, Montalcino and Bagno Vignoni in the Val d’Orcia. You can find this magnificence also in customs and traditions that for centuries have been part of people lives in these region – like the Palio of Siena.

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