Luxury wellness tours in Tuscany, discover the most exlusive spas

Custom wellness tours in tuscany for your tailor made experience

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“Italy is the last country where people savor the joy of living. It makes us believe it even when Italy herself has ceased to believe it.”

(Roger Peyrefitte)

The Greek philosopher Plato said: “it is not so important to live, but to live well.” Love yourself, be cuddled, listen to your own desires and be pampered. If this is what you are looking for, what could be better than a trip through the best spas and thermal resort in Italy?

Everyone who has a dream should go to Italy. It doesn't matter if you think your dream is dead and buried, in Italy it will rise and walk again.

(Elizabeth Spencer)

Massages, mudding, sauna, sensory experiences and much more. Let yourself be involved in a world of relax, we are going to take care about everything. An itinerary which also includes fabulous cities and stunning villages, so rich of gastronomic traditions, to combine wellness with food, culture and entertaining.

Your taylor-made experience

Our aim is not to sell a holiday package, but to propose a unique travel experience, tailor made for you, according to your dreams and requests.
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