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November 2019


For Caesar Luxury Travel, the organization of an itinerary always takes place according to tastes, desires and needs of the traveller. We like to give advices, tell the beauty of our land and guide the customer in his choices, but in the end, he always has the final word. We must admit, however, that in our opinion there are destinations not to be missed within a trip to Italy, especially if it is your first time there. In this case, certainly the big art cities like Rome or Florence will not be missing, but in our opinion another step is essential: a full day of wine tour.

The wine tour allows you to learn more about one of the most important Italian products, to getting out from the cities to get closer to an authentic lifestyle and to enjoy the beauty of splendid rural landscapes, whatever the region in which you are living it.

In this article we will try to describe you how a typical day of wine tour takes place, choosing as an example our region, Tuscany, specifically the area of ​​Montalcino. Yes, because a wine tour is not limited only to the wine tasting, there is much more to live and we will discover it together.

After recharging your batteries with the fantastic breakfast in your boutique hotel in Siena or country relais, you’re ready… let’s go!

Usually a complete wine tour lasts about 8 hours, so we recommend starting around 10 a.m. to be able to return in the late afternoon.

A trusted driver will pick you up, leaving you without the concern of driving for the whole day. This way you can fully enjoy the landscape and taste wine without worries. The Tuscan country roads are marvellous: you will cross hills covered with olive trees, vineyards and fields of golden wheat. A few stops to capture these unforgettable moments are a must do and our drivers know the best panoramic points.

After about 45-60 minutes drive, you will reach the first destination of the day, one of the fantastic wineries of Montalcino. Here you will be welcomed by an English-speaking staff who will be completely at your disposal to let you experience the best. Whether it is a private tour or a small group, you will set off to discover the cellar, the heart of the production, led by a passionate and competent staff. The visit begins with a small briefing to get to know us: it is always interesting to understand the wine knowledge of those who visit the winery; after which you will listen to the history of Brunello di Montalcino and of the company, whether it is a small family-run or a large and more structured one.

Continuing to the various environments of the company, the visit will go on with the explanation of the entire production. If you find yourself there in the days of the harvest, you will be able to see with your own eyes the original phases of the process, such as the hand picking and the selection of the grapes, otherwise you will still have the opportunity to visit the areas where fermentation and aging take place. The smell in here are unforgettable!

The visit ends with the wine tasting. You will finally be able to taste the wines of which you have heard by choosing among different options. Usually the basic tastings include the three most distinctive wines of the company, but if you are a true wine lover, you will surely enjoy a wider vertical, which may also include older vintages and other products, such as olive oil or honey. Here, if you wish, you can also buy what you have tasted: whatever your residence address, you will not have to worry about filling your suitcases, the staff will be happy to ship you everything you intend to bring home. Depending on the time, you can also take advantage of a light lunch during the tasting, or if present, have lunch in the splendid location of the restaurant inside the winery.

Another option is to move to the historical center of Montalcino or in one of the towns in the area. The Val d’Orcia is magnificent and the villages with excellent restaurants are all within a few kilometers. The driver, always present, will lead you where you want around the smooth hills. San Quirico d’Orcia, Pienza, Bagno Vignoni, a stop at the Sant’Antimo Abbey… the density of beauties in this region is definitely high! Then, if you like, you can get to know another winery, perhaps differentiating from the first one. It is always interesting to know two different approaches to production, the family one and the business one: however different they may seem, in both cases you will see the passion that animates the work of these people. It is also worth trying to get to know different areas of Brunello: despite being a very small region, the soil, the exposure and the altitude create aromas of great variety.

There is so much to discover and often a day is not enough. You will feel the need to come back to these places and the colors and smells experienced will stay forever in your memory.

Whatever wine region you want to visit, Caesar Luxury Travel is ready to let you discover it! Contact us to organize your wine tour together!

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