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In this section we will try to give you some cues to stimulate your interest in Italian shore and helping you to live your best trip along the seaside.

We do not live all the same way the thousands emotions we can feel, but there is one that makes everybody feel good. Close your eyes and imagine to open a window with a view on the sea. In front of you just blue with its infinite shades: aquamarine, turquoise, azure, cobalt. Italy, with its 7000 km of coastline, offers you the possibility to see all these shades. It would be enough to mention a few places (and they are just a little part!) and fantastic scenarios come to our minds. Costa Smeralda in Sardinia with its unique colors, Sicily and its great parks and archipelagos (Favignana, Eolie), and much more. [/p]However, the beauty of Italian seashore is not only in the nature. Little villages sculpted on the rocks at the edge of a cliff that seem to be colored by a painter: Cinque Terre in Liguria, Amalfi Coast in Campania.[/p] As you already know, we come from Tuscany and we cannot leave behind the places of our region: places that we know since we are born and we are tied to by emotions and memories. Here a few examples: Elba, Tuscan Archipelago, Castiglione della Pescaia, Follonica, Etruscan Coast and all the way north till Versilia. Here you will find sand beaches and rock coves that suite all tastes, high level accommodation and bathing activities of all kind.

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