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Margherita Mascagni

My name is Margherita Mascagni and I am one of the two faces of Caesar Luxury Travel. I was born in Siena in 1991 and I have always been passionate for foreign languages. I like also artistic roller skating, pasta, social antimafia, Brazilian music and sangiovese, but we will see those later on. It is my passion for foreign languages to bring me – both with teenage determination and the doubts of who loves its own land – to leave my hometown right after the end of high school. In 2010 I moved to Trieste, where I studied French, German, Portuguese and English at the SSLMIT, the School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators. A place to whom I owe a lot, where I got stronger on different points of view: linguistic, professional, cultural and personal. I think acquaintances are essential to define our path and for me, the ones made in Trieste are among the most important to say who I am today. I spent my second year in Germany, in Regensburg, where I got an Italian-German double bachelor. I also had the chance to do an internship at the Italian Consulate General in Munich. These experiences, plus the fact of living in Trieste, which we can call a deeply intercultural city, helped me and brought me to broaden even more my horizons. For this reason, I stopped my languages studies to get a Master in Intercultural Cooperation for Development, where I improved my skills in project management, international law, economics and logistics. From then on, languages have been not anymore a subject to study but a mean of communication. It is thanks to this course of study and to the change of my mindset that I discovered a love. Not a normal interest, but a real visceral recall to a country, that never happened to me before for a place different to my home. I got to know Brazil, especially Salvador de Bahia, where I lived for a few months and where I did an internship in a middle school in a disadvantaged community. I became very passionate for Brazilian culture, not to be able to stop till now, to listen to its music, read its books and eat its food (when possible in Italy, of course). I constantly live with that feeling, perfectly described in Portuguese language with the word saudade: the relentless desire to come back to that place. I like roller skating: I have been practicing it for 13 years and it gave the basics to the strong part of me. I like pasta: food is home and for me home means pastasciutta. I like social antimafia: I have been part of Libera for several years, an Italian organization against mafia. I try reflect its values as much as I can in my life. I like Brazilian music: I think I already said a lot about this and I do not want to bore the reader anymore. I like sangiovese: I am a III level AIS sommelier, I like wine and I try to know something more about it every day. By now I stop at sangiovese, which as pasta, is my home. In this description of myself, a detail is still missing. After telling all these stories, describing all these experiences, I really have to write about an object: the elastic. It was not me who invented this metaphor, but the first time I heard about it I immediately identified myself with it, as many other people of my city do. Imagine that every person born in Siena is born with an elastic attached at its back: some have it longer, some have it shorter, resistant or thin, but everyone is so much tied to home. Even if life, XXI century frenzy or the infinite necessity to see the world bring you far away from home for a certain period, you will come to the moment when you cannot do it anymore and the elastic will recall you back with all its strength. After 6 years far from Siena, I felt exactly this recall, I came back home and it is here the story of Caesar begins, step by step. In summer 2016 I started to work at Hotel Palazzetto Rosso, where from the first moment on I found a professional dimension which reflected my aptitudes. I discovered the charm of tourist welcoming and to communicate to the ones who do not know it, the love and the attachment for my region. The importance of acquaintances comes again. Here it is where I met Marco and Caesar was born. With Caesar, we would like to put our skills, interests and aptitudes together in order to spread the beauty of Tuscany and Italy to people coming from far away, especially from North and South America, to help him organizing a tailor-made trip, based on his way of being and orienting him in the research of hotel, tours and experiences. Travelling is not an object to buy, but it is a choice: Caesar helps you to choose…

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