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Marco Gaglia

Hi everyone, my name is Marco Gaglia and I am one of the two creators of Caesar Luxury Travel. I am 32 years old and since I was a child my spirit has been strongly driven by two forces in contrast, at least apparently. From one side the visceral love for my city, Siena, where deep roots, ancient traditions and indissoluble bonds mark the time of life, time after time. On the other an uncontrollable desire to know the world, see other places and become familiar with different customs and traditions. I never believed one should exclude the other, and it is precisely on this idea I based my training: in Siena I obtained the academic qualifications, high school diploma and university degree in linguistic and cultural mediation. Abroad, in England first and in Spain later, I have lived long work and study experiences which have undoubtedly enriched me as a person and which have opened my mind and my heart. My first work experience dates back to the university period, when I was a tour guide for Duomo of Siena’s museal complex. Then I worked as technician for my family artisan company (a little effort from the physical point of view can only be good), but it is thanks to the hotel Palazzetto Rosso, where I work since 2014, that I started taking care in what that mostly attracts me: reception, organization of tours and events, relationship with the guest. All-around tourism, in short. I have many interests and passions: sport, food, friends, Contrada’s life, wine, nature. But the greatest love is certainly the one for the Journey. With this word I do not mean only the days when you are actually on vacation and you live some experiences. The trip begins from the first moment in which the idea lights up in the head. Planning is started, itinerary is studied, immersed in the culture and history of the chosen place. It also goes on when you have already returned to the base, when you look at the photos, living memories and staying in touch with the people met during the journey. There are many types of travel I am passionate about: in recent times the one which has stolen me more is backpacking, full of adventure. This way I had wonderful experiences in Cuba, Andalusia, Sardinia, Balkans, Sicily and Colombia. It is from these concepts the idea of Caesar Luxury Travel was born: translating passions, skills and experiences into a real job. We decided to focus on the worild we know better, North and South America, with the intent of making this people know our wonderful Italy. Our motto is slow tourism, we want to tailor every detail of the experience, customizing every aspect. We are real people and we want to infuse real emotions.

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